48 Hours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

When it comes to variety, Hong Kong is in a league of its own. It is quite unlike any other city on earth. It is impossible to experience the entirety of Hong Kong’s rich blend of culture in a single visit but you can do a lot in 48 hours.

It is the most densely populated modern city in the world, brimming with people, culture and sights. Nearby walking trails allow you to take in the thriving metropolis from the natural splendour of the hills. The city is a fusion of oriental and western culture but celebrates cultural influences from all corners of the globe. Hong Kong rivals London and New York as the most international city in the world.

As far as cities go, Hong Kong is the perfect travel destination. It is one of the safest cities on earth, ranking sixth for personal safety1. Its medical care is one of the most developed in the world2. 45% of its population speak English3. Smoking is banned in public spaces and the city boasts high levels of cleanliness4. The city’s public transport system is quick, reliable and clean5.

Youth travel is an increasingly important element of global tourism and so rightly has the attention of many governments6. For young travellers, Hong Kong is a truly exceptional place. The only barrier to more young visitors is a lack of awareness. Attracting greater numbers of young travellers to Hong Kong would be possible by emphasising the city’s existing assets. These three areas, the most enticing to young people, should be targeted: culture, nightlife and affordability.


Hong Kong has one of the world’s most successful business districts but this does not detract from its cultural diversity. Hong Kong is full of intellectually enriching museums, temples and traditional markets.


The city boasts a world-renowned nightlife scene featuring outdoor music performances, culinary experiences and shopping opportunities at the city’s extraordinary night markets. Additionally, inexpensive taxis and an expansive night bus system means travelling around the city is virtually hassle-free.


While it is one of Asia’s wealthiest cities, visiting Hong Kong need not break the bank. In fact, the most authentic experiences of its culture can be achieved at no cost at all.


Like Hong Kong, Glasgow is a city with much to offer to young travellers. It has a student population of around 70,0001 and has been voted the world's friendliest city2. It is home to a thriving arts scene and is one of the Western World's oldest cities. Glasgow and Hong Kong share many similarities including a common heritage that is demonstrated by their success commercially.


Young people in search of an understanding of both cities' should start by considering their important maritime history. The importance of commerce to Glasgow is best understood by a visit to the Riverside Museum, an architectural masterpiece overlooking the River Clyde. Similarly, Victoria Harbour is arguably Hong Kong's defining feature, a testament to its remarkable commercial accomplishments. Hong Kong’s maritime history can be experienced with one of Star Ferry’s classic Harbour Tours.

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Glasgow and Hong Kong are home to a range of green spaces for young people looking to take a break from these bustling cities. Glasgow Green, within walking distance of the city centre, offers historic landmarks and scenic walking routes. Hong Kong Park combines the tranquility of its natural beauty with fantastic views of the skyline.

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Hong Kong and Glasgow boast world-class universities for those considering tertiary education. A tour of Glasgow University lets you see the historic Cloisters and architecturally striking Gilbert Scott building. Hong Kong University’s tour of the Pok Fu Lam campus takes you through its beautiful scenery covered in trees and blossoming flowers.

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This itinerary offers young travellers as much of Hong Kong as possible in 48 hours. It includes travel, accommodation, costing and a wide range of activities.

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